Red Bull Event Combines Interactive Art with Extreme Sports

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Now this is one of the most amazing Snowboard videos I have seen-Red Bull-hats off to you!We’ve seen interactive art in much tamer settings at the museums and on building façades. But this media installation really takes the cake for spicing up projected art with extreme sports.

Designed by Melbourne-based interactive group ENESS, the Red Bull installation shows one way in which extreme sport could be made more thrilling than it already is: integrate 3D visuals into the stunts.

At ‘Red Bull Off the Planet’, the movements of the extreme sports participants are tracked with an infrared camera as they leap over an inflated 21 foot sphere.

Projections transform the sphere into a variety of forms: a roving eyeball, the Earth, or a globe with busy and swirling globs of color. Successful stunts become accentuated with the lashing of these vibrant digital waves and other 3D effects.

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September 26th, 2010

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