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I was just recently introduced to production crew over in NZ, they are called Good Dear Good and they have a few great projects on the go at the moment. Today I want to introduce you to one. It’s just a teaser for an upcoming series following a snowboarder by the name of Liam Ryan called LPR Diaries. The teaser will give you an insight into what it’s all about so I won’t bother to bore you.

What I will say is the crew at Good Dear Good have some exciting stuff to offer you for season 2011 and we’ll be following them closely as we know you’ll be stoked on their footage. I won’t say much more other than I’m excited for it and I know you will be too. For now check out the teaser for LPR Diaries 2011:

LPR Diaries 2011 Teaser from Good Dear Good on Vimeo.

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May 10th, 2011

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