Holly Crawford dominates Burton European Open Halfpipe Qualifications

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The sun was out again up on Crap Sogn Gion in LAAX today to welcome the riders for the 4th day at the 12th Burton European Open, the Men’s and Women’s Halfpipe Qualification. 16 year old Jan Scherrer (SUI) won the Men’s Qualifications, Australian Holly Crawford, BEO 2007 Halfpipe winner, landed on the top spot in the Women’s Qualification.

The best 40 men from yesterday’s Pre-Qualification and 32 ladies had two runs each, the best one counted. Jan Scherrer’s best run included a backside 900, a frontside 720, cab 720 and a crippler at the end. Yesterday’s Pre-Qualification winner Nathan Johnstone ended up 4th today. On the women’s side 2007 BEO Halfpipe winner Holly Crawford secured the top spot with a frontside air, backside air, air to fakie, cab 720, frontside 720 and a cab 360 at the last hit.

Results Halfpipe Qualification Men

  1. Scherrer Jan (SUI), NIKE, 91.83
  2. Esser Brett (USA), SMITH, 91,67
  3. Farrow Benji (USA), PACSUN, 91.00
  4. Johnstone Nathan (AUS), RIPCURL, 90.50
  5. James Scotty (AUS), RED BULL, 89.83
  6. Kleivdal Roger (NOR), SWEET, 89,00
  7. Kilner Ben (GBR), PROTEST, 87.83
  8. Shaw Spencer (USA), UNDER ARMOUR, 86.67
  9. Van Der Wal Dolf (NED), PROTEST, 86.33
  10. Brown Mitchell (NZL), RIPCURL, 84.83
  11. Swanson Brennen (USA), RIDE, 83.00
  12. Jones Quinton (USA), FLOW, 80.83
  13. Moline Scott (USA), O’NEILL, 78.17
  14. Campbell Mike (USA), UNITY, 75.17
  15. Koch Lucien (SUI), O’NEILL, 74.83
  16. Tierney Chris (USA), LIBTECH, 73.50
  17. Hryckiewicz Ryan (USA), NICHE, 69.83
  18. Oesch Adrian (SUI), RIDE, 68.67
  19. Grimsrud Per Iver (NOR), NITRO, 65.33
  20. Stewart Ben (NZL), O’NEILL, 64.17

Results Halfpipe Qualification Women

  1. Crawford Holly (AUS), ROSSIGNOL, 97.33
  2. Yamaoka Soko (JPN), NOVEMBER, 92.00
  3. Purtschert Nadja (SUI), O`NEILL,  89,50
  4. Sinclair Rebecca (NZL), BILLABONG, 83.67
  5. Brown Kendall ROXY(NZL), ROXY, 80.83

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January 13th, 2011

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