Helmet-Cam With GPS Captures the Altitude of All Your Best Wipeouts

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The ContourGPS is a small, rugged high-definition camera that you strap to your body as you perform feats of extreme outdoorsmanship: snowboarding; skiing; kayaking; mountain biking. The GPS module is used to map your outdoor videos, and allows you to check your speed and altitude at any given point in the video. (Note that no helmet apparatus is completely effective against idiocy. Talking to you, skiiers.)

In Colorado, where this camera would be most at home strapped to the dome of some venturous Boulderite, they have a saying. Actually, they have many sayings — all of which include the word “epic.” Oh-so-epic you will be with a high-quality helmet cam: either famous for your ability, or infamous for your brand new disability. Either way, it was probably worth it.

To see athlete footage shot with this thing, click here.

Available online now. Price: $350 USD, camera only.


click here

October 28th, 2010

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    ContourGPS is very popular nowadays. This camera mostly on some sports activity. As for me, I used this camera for snowboarding.

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    The most important features of a tripod are the head the camera sits on
    and the legs. It is critical that both components are strong and stable
    and suited for the weight of your camera. 

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