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Making your own snowboarding video is an excellent way to broadcast and prove your skills and abilities, as well as a serving as a permanent reminder of special trips, and special memories that deserve to be cherished. Videotaping yourself is also an excellent way for you to better analyse, understand and improve upon any mistakes/flaws that you habitually make and which are inhibiting from you developing as a snowboarding pro.

Perhaps the memories aren’t quite so special, but instead would be better suited for a funny video clips show, for bloopers and mistakes. Hey, why not make some money out of your video? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Whilst there is the old adage of “The camera never lies”, you can certainly manipulate scenery and the location of where you are recording your tape. What this means is that you do not need to climb up the highest possible mountains to take a good snowboarding video, you can take a decent quality recording anywhere there is enough snow to competently snowboard.

As a general precaution though, the camera tends to flatten everything so even the steepest of hills look much tamer than they actually are.  Try to make use of visual effects, so if there is plenty of snow around, whenever you pull off a trick, try to make a big splash with the snow and spray it everywhere. A real crowd pleaser.

Don’t forget though, even with the excitement of the camera rolling and the adrenaline coursing through your body, you are not invulnerable. Remember to take all basic safety precautions, so goggles, helmets and kneepads should all be on your list.

Homemade snowboarding videos are not just the bored productions of amateurs, but are looked upon by talent scouts as something akin to gold dust, talent scouts are always on the lookout for new, fresh talent to promote and cultivate, so  your own home made video is an excellent way to promote yourself.

With so many social networking sites such as youtube, Bebo and facebook, you can also get peoples feedback as to the quality of your videos, all of whom will be brutally honest.

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August 30th, 2010

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