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That’s right kids, everyone favorite 3 park Superpass (not to be confused with another 3 park Superpass also of much entertainment) is back in 2011.

For the 3rd year in a row now, Perisher, Hotham and Falls Creek are teaming up to deliver one season pass for access to all 3 resorts. The Superpass is now available for $1449 from all 3 Resorts, buys your from:

Mt Hotham
Falls Creek

Want to hear the sucky part? Last year they offered an earlybird discount which made the pass cheaper than a single resort season pass. Seems they are not doing that this year. Instead, they are giving you the chance to win the pass back if you buy before June 19th. Each resort is giving one back so 3 are up for grabs.

If this doesn’t sit well with you then maybe the joint Falls/Hotham season pass is more your liking. It’s going at earlybird prices until 27 May for only $1199.

Either way get committed for 2011, lock in your season pass now and enjoy a stress-free season knowing your ride is paid.

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March 8th, 2011

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  • Ranclaude

    Yes, it really does suck…last year you not only got an early bird discount with the superpass, but you also got the chance to win it back. So this year it is a total rip off. How do they justify bumping up the price by $300 in one year? I have purchased the superpass for 2 years in a row as an early bird and am really disappointed because the $300 price hike is not justified and does not give any of us an incentive to purchase it as early birds :-( (

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