DCP’s Central America Adventures


Wondering what the DCP from YES! Snowboards has been up to since they graced our shores a few months ago? Well they have been having some Central American adventures-all in the name of the brand of course!

Every summer, after a good snowy season, I love to break off entirely from snowboarding and go live the Jungle-Ocean life. Sure, I have been snowboarding in the summer, and I of course loved it. I still do. I used to ride Blackcomb public pipe everyday of the summer, then Camp of Champions, or I would drive down to Mt Hood and ride at High Cascade or Windells snowboard camp.

I usually love to ride until May and then wait until August for the snow to cover the southern hemisphere mountain peaks. I then usually go ride in August, in NZ or Chile or Argentina.  One summer I even made it down to Patagonia.  The Southern Hemisphere winters have been more my style for the last few years.

As much as I love snowboarding in the winter, I love surfing in the summer. But it wasn’t always like this. I started surfing 10 years ago. I didn’t grow up near the ocean. I would go surf 2 weeks a year at first. But the last 3-4 years I try to get somewhere around 2-3 months of the year in the ocean.

The Ocean is where I recharge (similar to a long hike in the mountains) I love it because to me riding a wave is just like going through life.   Good things come to those who wait.  Like being patient for a set or maybe for an opportunity.   Sometimes the waves are clean, glassy, perfect… they are smooth.

Read more here: http://www.yesnowboard.com/dcps-adventures-in-central-america/

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July 21st, 2010

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