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Probably the most common question asked by someone buying a new snowboard is: “What sized board is just right for me?” The question is not a simple answer, as there are a few variables which come into play in this calculation. Never fear though, Snowlife is here!

Basically the whole decision can be broken up int two main areas, length and width.
Which snowboard length is right for you?


On all boards length is measured in the metric form, centimeters, and in snowboarding, almost always referred to by the last two digits of the length itself, for example a Ride 163cm board is often just referred to as a 63 and measures 163 cms from tail to the tip.

To begin with hold the board vertically against your chin, it will sit somewhere between your chin and collar bone. Want something perfect for riding the parks? Choose a shorter board which will allow for quicker maneuvers and turns while your on the pipe.

If you are riding a variety of terrains, or simply want to keep your options open, choose something in between in length, which would come up to between your nose and your chin. This will allow you to ride the parks with ease but also fly down the mountain with fast paced precision riding.

Long boards are something which is a little more uncommon. They are ideal for high speed turning and deep powder riding in resorts like Japan for example.


This i the easy part, as the width of the board is chosen by genetics, not preference! Riders with a small foot need a narrower board, while those with bigger feet need the wider style of board.

Test the width by standing on the board in the same fashion you would on the mountain. In this position your boots should be flush with the edge of the board or slightly over.

Ensure you don’t have too much of any extreme, too far away from the edge and you wont be able to carve your turns properly, too far over and you will cause yourself to over balance.

Know the basics? Use our tips as a great excuse to buy the perfect new board.

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August 24th, 2010

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