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Let’s be honest, everyone (Including my Mum), knows how to and actively uses ebay these days. It’s a cheap, easy and time efficient way to buy and sell any kind of good, but beware – not all ebay sellers are as honest as the snow is white! Think you’ve found the ultimate buy? Checked it against lots of other items listed and the price is great? Only got a few minutes left to bid? The following tips will guide you to really get some great deals out of ebay.

How good is the deal? I mean really, how good is the deal?

Always check your prices offline! So often I see people buying snow equipment on line, without actually knowing how much things cost in the real world. Saving a few bucks on an item upfront, could hinder your enjoyment of the purchase without the standard warranty and returns policy of a traditional store.

Think about the shipping! What may seem like a bargain on the surface may turn out to save you no money at all. Think about how much it would cost to ship a snowboard or a set of skis, that alone is enough to stifle any form of discount you may have calculated in your head.

Is the seller a serial killer? As with everywhere, the old buyer beware principle apply to ebay possibly more than anywhere else. While most users of ebay are good an honest people, you will no doubt find the occasional unscrupulous seller, and even bidder if you are selling your snow gear.

A great way to gauge a users standing in the auction community is to check there feedback. Check the numbers, read what others have to say about the user, and see everything positive and negative you could encounter in your transaction.

If possible, especially in the case of snowboards and skis, go and physically check out the items. Yes, even with an on line transaction, that is not entirely out of the question.

Seen my photo? As the old saying goes, pictures tell 1000 words. If you are buying a large ticket item, don’t bother buying unless a picture is displayed or the seller is willing to provide you with one. Without a picture you do not really know what you are getting, what condition is it in, even what colour it is. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Bidding is buying. Checked out all aspects of the item? Still want to buy it? Bidding is a simple and painless process. First make sure you sign up with a user account for the service, this allows you to place bids on items for free as well as list items to sell for a small fee.

Bid as much as you are willing to pay, this enables the ebay system to auto bid against any other users up until the system has reached your pre-defined maximum amount.

The final word. Buying from eBay can be a great experience, and can potentially save you a lot of money. As long as you are aware of the pitfalls, and really know what to look for, you will have a great time hunting down real bargains on eBay.

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August 25th, 2010

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