Blauvelt’s Backcountry [4 VIDEOs]

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Ok, so this is pretty bad as I’ve been slack to post these ace videos Jake Blauvelt has been dropping all season long called Blauvelt’s Backcountry, sorry kids!

But there is good news, you now get to watch 4 amazing episodes all in a row and boom, you’ve got over an hour of sick footage to watch! Thank me later.

Sit back and enjoy a unique behind the scenes of one of the worlds best backcountry riders:

Blauvelts Backcountry Show 1- Fresh Tracks from Jake Blauvelt on Vimeo.

Blauvelt’s Backcountry Show 2- Double Vision from Jake Blauvelt on Vimeo.

Blauvelt’s Backcountry Show 3- Park Life from Jake Blauvelt on Vimeo.

Blauvelt’s Backcountry Show 4- Due South from Jake Blauvelt on Vimeo.

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March 29th, 2011

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